Technology Happy Hour: Alliance Autogas

April 4, 2023

On March 16th, Steve McCoy with Alliance Autogas, the autogas arm of Blossman Gas, joined Virginia Clean Cities for the Technology Happy Hour. Steve McCoy, Vice President of Business Development, shared a presentation covering the benefits and uses of propane Autogas.

Steve joined us to talk about the benefits of propane autogas and renewable propane, highlighting the benefits of landfill diversion, reduced fleet costs and carbon reduction. Steve also shared an exciting announcement of a partnership that will work to bring renewable propane to scale in the U.S.!

We learned that propane autogas has a lower energy density than gasoline which will lead fleets to use approximately 15% more autogas gallons than gasoline, but due to the amazing cost savings of propane autogas fleets achieve significant cost-savings. State agencies and local governments in current or former specific air quality non-attainment, ozone attainment and/or maintenance areas may be reimbursed for incremental costs to transition to alternative fuels such as propane autogas through the CMAQ program.

To learn more about propane autogas, watch a recording of our Technology Happy Hour session below or on our YouTube channel.