Technology Happy Hour: Blink

June 7, 2021

On May 13th, 2021, we welcomed Blink Charging Co. as our featured stakeholder for our second Technology Happy Hour! The Technology Happy Hour is a bi-weekly series presented by Virginia Clean Cities aiming to connect individuals and fleets to technologies and provide a space for open discussion with technology providers. 

During this session, Andrew Hillman of Blink discussed the company’s electric vehicle charging technology, including their 19.2kW charging option! These chargers are capable of providing 19.2 kWh or about 65 miles of charge per hour and accommodate all EVs.

You can view the recording and learn about electric vehicle charging infrastructure and the products Blink has to offer here or on our YouTube channel. 

Blink is also a partner in the Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership along with VCC and many others. As a part of this project, Blink Charging plans to install 200 networked 19.2 kWh L2 Chargers in Virginia, DC, Maryland, and West Virginia as a part of a three-year ecosystem program  To learn more about this opportunity visit and contact Andrew Hillman Or Cell: (805) 825-9415 for more information.

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