Technology Happy Hour: EVNoire and Guidehouse

March 29, 2022

On March 17th, 2022, EVNoire and Guidehouse joined Virginia Clean Cities for the Technology Happy Hour to highlight the Dominion Smart Charging Infrastructure Pilot Program (SCIP)!

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Shelley Francis, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, EVNoire
  • Mariah Stanley, Manager Mid-Atlantic/NE Region, EVNoire
  • Shaun Caldwell, Associate Director, Guidehouse

During the session, Shaun gave an overview of the SCIP program. If you are a Dominion Energy customer in Virginia interested in workplace or transit charging, the SCIP program can help you make an easy transition into becoming an EV charging host! Apply today to reserve your place in the program!

During this session, the EVNoire team also shared some of the great work that they are doing in e-mobility diversity, equity, and inclusion with special attention to the opportunities this program presents to transit and workplace charging!

To listen to the discussion and learn more about the Smart Charging Infrastructure Pilot Program and the great work being done by the EVNoire team such as their collaboration in the Mid-Atlantic Electrification Partnership, you can watch the video here or on our YouTube channel

The Technology Happy Hour is a monthly series presented by Virginia Clean Cities aiming to connect individuals and fleets to technologies and provide a space for discussion. Join us on April 21st, 2022 with Shell Recharge Solutions (formerly Greenlots) to learn more about EV charging. Register here today and don’t forget to check out our other events on our events page!

If you are an alternative fuels technology provider who would like to be a featured stakeholder in this series, please reach out to VCC Program Coordinator Sarah Stalcup-Jones for more information.