Technology Happy Hour: VEIC

November 3, 2021

On October 21 st, 2021, Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur, VEIC’s director of clean transportation, was the featured stakeholder for the Virginia Clean Cities Technology Happy Hour. 

Established in 1986, VEIC has been making an impact in clean energy solutions for over 30 years. With the energy solutions market so closely tied to clean transportation, transportation electrification was a natural path for VEIC to take. In clean transportation, VEIC focuses on electric vehicle implementation, outreach, evaluation, and equity across light, medium and heavy-duty applications.  

One of VEIC’s current projects is in collaboration with Virginia Clean Cities and clean cities coalitions from DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey on an electric school bus project. This project, the Mid-Atlantic Electric School Bus Experience Project provides a wide range of audiences with information about electric school buses, allows school districts to gain experience with electric school buses from a number of manufacturers, evaluates vehicle performance, and provides findings that can be used by participating school districts and others to make informed choices about incorporating advanced fuel technologies into their fleets. 

During the session, Jennifer and David Gelman, VEIC’s Business Development Manager and VCC board member answered several questions from the audience. These questions ranged from general EV adoption to transitioning heavy-duty fleets to eclectic vehicles. To hear the answers to these questions and learn more about VEIC’s work in transportation electrification here or on our YouTube channel

The Technology Happy Hour is a monthly series presented by Virginia Clean Cities aiming to connect individuals and fleets to technologies and provide a space for open discussion with technology providers.