Tesla Charging Stations on the Horizon for Williamsburg

May 10, 2018

The Williamsburg Economic Development Authority Board of Directors reviewed the progress of its partnership with Tesla and selected a winner of its 2018 Business Appreciation Award its Wednesday meeting.

Talks with Tesla to install electric car charging stations throughout the city began last March, with plans to put chargers in high-traffic public spaces throughout the city. The high-tech luxury car manufacturer has approved five locations including the North Henry Street Parking Garage, and will provide $1500 per charger in installation costs.

There will multiple chargers installed at each of the five approved sites, with a maximum of 15 per location.

Yuri Matsumoto, the city’s economic development specialist, estimates the installation process for this first phase of chargers will be completed in 10 to 12 weeks. Early plans have also been made with Peter Ambiel, Tesla’s regional charger representative, to install the company’s proprietary Superchargers in the city’s downtown area sometime next year.

“We would get added to Tesla’s charger map, and as far as the five locations that we’ve been approved for, just because we’ve been approved for those now doesn’t mean that we can’t be approved for more in the future,” said Matsumoto.

Source: Daily Press