The Town of Middleburg Receives DCFC Station

May 31, 2024
Photo courtesy of XCharge

XCharge North America, a leading DC high-power and battery-integrated electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider, announced the installation of its C6AM solution in the town hall of Middleburg, Virginia. This deployment will benefit EV travel around the greater Washington, D.C., and Virginia areas and serve as the town’s first DC fast charger (DCFC).

XCharge’s C6AM charger station, developed with user convenience in mind, is equipped with two charging ports that can provide a 150kW output to vehicles. Compared to Level 2 chargers, this EV charger significantly reduces idle time to approximately 35-45 minutes, making it a highly efficient solution for Middleburg residents and visiting EV owners.

Localized for the United States grid as well, this DCFC solution can be seamlessly installed and operated on 208v or 480v infrastructure, which eliminated Middleburg’s need for major construction upgrades to accommodate the deployment. Additionally, the C6AM includes NACS plugs and CCS1 cables to support all EV models, furthering its accessibility and convenience.

Introduced through Virginia Clean Cities (VCC), Middleburg and XCharge joined forces to support the town’s growing green initiatives. The Middleburg town hall was recently redesigned to embrace sustainability, making it an ideal location for the DCFC charger.

“The Town of Middleburg and its Sustainability Committee are excited to announce the activation of the Town’s first EV charging station,” said Middleburg Sustainability Committee Chair Lynne Kaye. “The DC fast charging station is available to the public in the Middleburg town hall parking lot. The charger can provide charging for two vehicles. The Town would like to thank Virginia Clean Cities for introducing us to XCharge North America with whom we have partnered to offer charging with their C6AM solution. The XCharge DC fast charger is compatible with CCS-equipped vehicles. Other vehicles (including 2021 and newer Teslas and 2020 and older Teslas that have been updated) can also use the charger, provided they have a CCS adapter. The EV charger installation coincides with the recent opening of our new town hall. EV drivers can now add miles to their vehicles while enjoying all that Middleburg has to offer.”

Middleburg, located outside Washington, D.C., welcomes high tourism levels from day and weekend travelers. The XCharge NA deployment strategically electrifies a busy travel corridor, benefiting both residents and visitors. The installation supports the town’s efforts to improve its EV and sustainability infrastructure, ensuring a greener future for Middleburg.

“This deployment is a significant step in electrifying the country’s EV charging deserts in a major travel corridor,” said XCharge North America President Aatish Patel. “It provides accessible, public EV charging for Middleburg residents and visitors. By partnering with Middleburg, we are not only advancing the availability of efficient EV charging solutions but also contributing to the growth of a sustainable town.”

“Through our partnership, XCharge North America is listening to community needs and contributing to the transportation electrification ecosystem in Virginia by successfully installing accessible fast charging stations,” said Matthew Wade, Deputy Director of Virginia Clean Cities. “This project will demonstrate the success of electric vehicle charging in critical travel communities to pave the way for more installations throughout the Commonwealth. The relationship between XCharge North America, the Town of Middleburg, and VCC is built on the hope that this charging station will expand the zero-emission journey for all EV drivers and generate more interest in transportation electrification in Virginia.”

XCharge NA now has deployments in eight U.S. states. This is their second installation in Virginia, following a deployment at the Colonial Downs Pit Stop on I-64 in New Kent, Virginia, last year.

XCharge press release used with permission.