VCCA release 2020 Virginia Transportation Report

November 9, 2020

On October 28th, Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action released a report on Virginia Particulate matter (PM2.5) from transportation emissions. VCCA’s report discusses the adverse impacts of transportation pollution to Virginia’s health and the state’s economy. Conclusions of the report include staggering links to premature mortalities, hospital admissions, and other morbidities associated with transportation emissions.

One finding in the Virginia Transportation Report determined that recent concentrations of particulate matter in Virginia were attributed to 3,000 premature deaths and over 3,600 hospitalizations with an estimated $23 billion in social welfare costs annually. Furthermore, Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action analyzed adverse effects to particularly underserved and socially vulnerable communities in Virginia, finding disproportionate burdens with a 61% higher mortality rate from air pollution. 

VCCA’s Virginia Transportation report is meant to motivate and emphasize current environmental injustices and perpetual damages from vehicle pollution, however the report is sure to include resolutions and actions significant in reducing adverse effects. The leading solution VCCA states is the adoption of zero or low emission vehicles. VCCA projects ZEV/LEV adoption would result in a $120 – $520 million annual GHG-related benefit and a CO2 reduction of 5.6 million tons. Continued efforts of advancing alternative fuel technologies is vital to improving Virginia public health.

Access VCCA’s Report at: