Virginia Alt Fuel Report

February 2, 2011

For the year ending December 31, 2010, 80 Virginia alternate fuel and advanced technology fleets operated 11,500 clean special fuel vehicles in the Commonwealth.  Virginia is now home to 123 alternate fuel refueling stations, and Virginia biofuels producers made 1.7 million gallons of biofuels.  A full copy of the report is available on the Virginia Clean Cities website.

Virginia Clean Cities is now working with 80 Virginia fleets, which operate 11,500 vehicles in 2010.  This includes 5,029 biodiesel vehicles, 4,379 E85 Flex Fuel vehicles, 1,020 hybrid electric vehicles, 961 natural gas vehicles, 141 propane auto gas vehicles, and 91 electric vehicles.

Virginia biofuels producers produced 1.7 million gallons of biodiesel, approximately 10% the state’s capacity of 17.5 million gallons.  This production represents a 32% decline in production from Virginia’s 2009 biodiesel output.  Next year, the Osage ethanol plant will come online and bring additional ethanol production capacity.

Virginia’s 123 alternate fuel stations include a great diversity of clean fuels and geographic locations, and new stations in 2010 for all tracked fuels except for hydrogen.  There are now 49 tracked propane autogas stations, 44 biodiesel stations, 14 natural gas, 11 e85, 4 electric vehicle chargers, and one hydrogen station.  A public map of station data can be found at the Alt Fuel Data Center at

Complete report is available by PDF here Alt Fuels Report q4 2010