Virginia Biodiesel Environmental Compliance Primer

January 1, 2008

The biofuels industry, which includes production and distribution of biodiesel, is growing nationwide and
in Virginia. Increasing concerns about climate change, environmental impacts of fossil fuel extraction
and use, and economic and national security aspects of dependence on imported petroleum are propelling
demand for fuels derived from renewable resources. Virginia and other states also recognize that biofuels
offer economic development opportunities for farmers and processors. Further, in the case of biodiesel,
there is the prospect of turning used fats, greases, and oils from food and rendering industries into
valuable commodities.

Within this primer, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) aims to acquaint the reader
with the environmental regulatory obligations concerning biodiesel fuel production. Biodiesel fuel
production, like other industrial processes, is subject to laws and regulations for protecting air, water, and
land resources, assuring safe handling of hazardous materials, and proper disposal of wastes. Some of
these requirements apply to small scale producers as well as to large commercial operations.

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