Virginia Company Leading the way in Diesel to Electric Heavy-Duty Conversion

June 30, 2022
Trova’s patent pending electrified chassis

Trova is an automotive industrialization company that has found a solution for implementing zero-carbon emission technologies for existing commercialized vehicle fleets.  Located in Fairlawn Virginia, Trova is in an optimal location for sourcing materials at a reduced cost.  Their business model is surrounded by the idea of keeping customer cost low and the timeline short for the implementation of zero emission transportation.

Trova has introduced a Diesel to Electric program that offers electrified conversion for commercial vehicles.  Using their innovative electrified chassis, Trova engineers are able to reassemble a commercial diesel vehicle onto the new electric chassis.  The customer is able to drive away with the original truck, however it is now equipped with a brand new chassis and battery electric driveline.  Doing this, Trova has been able to reduce overall costs towards transitioning to zero-carbon transportation and hopefully increase the rate in which infrastructure is able to transition to alternative fuel transportation.

If you want to learn more about Trova and the work that they are doing, head to their website here.