Virginia Get Ready Roundtable

May 18, 2010

The Virginia Get Ready Roundtable has gathered for an introductory meeting on May 18, 2010 and established an initial plan for deployment of electric vehicles in Virginia. Virginia Utilities have installed and converted Prius vehicles, bucket trucks, and have agreed to purchase test Volt units when available. The Commonwealth has installed free access vehicle charging units at one rest area. Virginia entities are assessing charging capacity, investment needs, and roles in jumpstarting vehicle adoption and infrastructure deployment. Virginia companies make batteries, motors, charging stations, and design and deploy electric vehicles and convert hybrid vehicles to plug-in hybrid vehicles and battery electric vehicles.

State and local government entities, fleets, universities, utilities, civic organizations, vehicle manufacturers, and businesses are represented and stakeholder numbers are growing in the Virginia electrification effort.

This plan will be refined over the summer of 2010 and presented to public and private stakeholders in October 2010 at the Commonwealth of Virginia Energy Symposium.  The Virginia effort will be based on the four working groups of the neighboring efforts in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Virginia Get Ready Roundtable subcommittee groups will include: 1) Standards and Readiness, 2) Education and Outreach, 3) Incentives, and 4) Sites and Installation.

The Regional Champion for the Virginia effort will be Virginia Clean Cities in conjunction with specific regional organizations in targeted localities of Northern Virginia, Richmond, Charlottesville, Hampton Roads.

Virginia Get Ready Coordinator:

Alleyn Harned
Program Coordinator, Virginia Clean Cities
540-568-8896 desk
540-568-5181 fax
804-539-9425 cell