What kinds of resources are available to help with an EV charger project?

May 25, 1990

1) Federal tax credit of 30% for EVSE up to $30,000

2) Dominion Energy is offering subsidies for DC Fast Chargers.

3) EVgo DC Fast Chargers (they would offer to rent a parking spot from sites). See more info at https://bit.ly/2GvcN9s

4) EVgo level 2 chargers. (Up to 8 level 2 chargers and EVgo pays to rent the parking space). See more info at https://bit.ly/2GvcN9s

5) EVgo DCFC high powered level 2 (25kwh ) donation  (EVgo provides equipment, sites would install), See more info at https://bit.ly/2GvcN9s

6)  If you a local government or state agency, EV chargers are available on a ridable state contract. See Ohio’s state contract here https://bit.ly/38PZyvY

7) A program with Blink offers electric vehicle chargers and install at supported cost with a federal grant to pay for the infrastructure and installation up to $3500 per charger.