Fleet Transition and Electrification Reports

June 9, 2023

Virginia Clean Cities supports several projects with fleet transition or community transition reports in a range of fuels including electricity. In these efforts report products are often able to be shared publicly, although many reports remain private to just the fleet or stakeholder. This work is supported by localities, environmental foundations, and state and federal grant programs. Each of these reports feature and respond to content requests from localities and this is individualized to each report.

In late 2022 and early 2023, VCC staff conducted electrification analysis reports for the City of Fredericksburg and the University of Mary Washington. These public reports are posted below.

City of Fredericksburg Fleet Electrification Analysis Report
February 2, 2023

City of Fredericksburg Schools Electrification Analysis Report
March 9, 2023

University of Mary Washington Electrification Analysis Report
February 3, 2023