Technology Happy Hour: Highland

August 5, 2022

On July 21st, Highland joined Virginia Clean Cities for the Technology Happy Hour. Claire Alford, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Associate on the Market Development team at Highland Electric Fleets, shared how Highland’s electric fleet subscription model can bring electric school buses to fleets across the nation from large to small. 

Right now is a big time for electric school buses with the first round of the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program Funding Open (applications close on August 19th), and school districts across the country are looking into their electrification options. But for schools who have not engaged with fleet electrification or are looking to scale their whole fleet to electric overtime, there can be a lot of information to wade through. This is where someone like Highland can help. Highland’s electric fleet subscription model takes care of it all while allowing school districts to remain in control with their drivers, mechanics, and depots.

To learn more about the benefits of electric school buses and how Highland can help your fleet, watch a recording of our Technology Happy Hour session below or on our YouTube channel

For even more information you can also check out Highland’s one-pagers on their Model, Benefits of Electric School Buses, and Frequently Asked Questions. 

For more information on the EPA’s Clean School Bus Program, you can visit our summary page. And if you are a school district or pupil transportation contractor interested in a demo of this clean school bus technology check out our Mid-Atlantic Electric Shcool Bus Experience Project.

The Technology Happy Hour is a monthly series presented by Virginia Clean Cities to connect individuals and fleets to technologies and provide a space for discussion. Join us for our next Technology Happy Hour on August 18th at 4 pm EST to hear from several leading companies on state contract in Virginia for EV supply equipment (EVSE). Speakers will include representatives from Autoflex, Bethel Electric, NOVA Charge and OpConnect. Don’t forget to check out our other events on our events page!

If you are an alternative fuels technology provider who would like to be a featured stakeholder in this series, please reach out to VCC’s Sarah Stalcup-Jones for more information.