Dragon Run Biodiesel Project

Virginia Clean Cities was contracted by the MPPDC to continue further exploration of biodiesel market viability and present recommendations based on survey summaries and stakeholder interest detailing potential to fulfill the goal to provide sustainable natural resource-based economic benefit to the watershed community centered around the use and production of biodiesel as a cleaner, healthier, domestic alternative to fossil fuel. This first-phase report ...

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Building a Hydrogen Economy in Virginia


As concern for energy security grows, so does the level of interest at the national and state levels. This Virginia hydrogen plan and hydrogen vision were developed by the Virginia Hydrogen Economy Roundtable, a forum created in 2002 comprised of representatives from more than thirty energy- and transportation-related industries, federal and Virginia government agencies, Virginia academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations. The creation of Virginia’s hydrogen vision and the recommendations ...

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Biodiesel Implementation – Arlington County, VA


Arlington County implemented B20 biodiesel as a means to reduce the environmental impact diesel vehicles were having in the county. The impetus came from calls from citizens about the exhaust plume above the school bus parking during morning start-up and the visible exhaust from heavy vehicles such as fire trucks. The effort had the support of the County Board. Arlington’s fleet management team prepared for the first delivery of B20 ...

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